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Wilson Electronics started making cell phone signal boosters in 1999. We were the first to design, build and supply cell signal boosters to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Over the years we grew, adding new customer-requested signal boosters to our product lines, developing the first ever in-vehicle cell phone boosters and securing more than 50 patents as we developed and refined our technology.


The Wilson Pro brand carries on as our profession line of cell signal boosters, the most powerful, most advanced cell phone signal booster available. The power and flexibility of Wilson Pro boosters make them suitable for virtually any scope of project, whether residential, commercial, security or fleet solutions. Wilson Pro cell phone boosters may include additional components and impose more intensive installation requirements. For that reason the Wilson Pro line is sold exclusively by technology integrators and authorized resellers.


Pro 70 Plus Select (50Ω)



The Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select significantly improves 3G, 4G LTE cellular data for all carriers. Designed to provide maximum coverage for luxury homes, large commercial, retail or any other building needing stronger indoor cell signal. With adjustable uplink and downlink gain controls on each band with up to 70dB of gain, the Pro 70 Plus Select makes it easy to customize the cell phone booster for any specific signal environment.

50 Ohm Type 'N' Fittings

All Bands, Multi-Carrier Cellular Signal Booster

The Pro 70 Plus Select from Wilson Electronics amplifies weak cellular signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage - including 4G - inside homes and other buildings where signals may not penetrate.

Like all Wilson boosters, the Pro 70 Plus Select features cell site protections that prevent any possibility of interference with cell towers. The Pro 70 Plus Select and all CI models from Wilson Electronics, are sold only to custom technology integrators and are not available through any online or retail source. Wilson Electronics quality and an industry-leading three year warranty make the Pro 70 Plus Select the clear choice for the professional technology integrator.


• Boosters sold in kits with antennas
• Expansion kits available for large scale installations
• Self-optimizing design minimizes installation time
• Compatible with all North American cellular networks
• Three year warranty
• FCC and Industry Canada certified


• Faster, cleaner data transfers
• Strong, reliable connections even in weak signal areas
• Enhanced indoor coverage area
• Extends battery life of cellular devices


• New source of revenue
• Solves a common customer problem - weak cell signals
• No-cost training and certification
• No-cost installation design support
• Lead referral program for certified installers
• Add-on sale to existing customers

Kit Includes:

1 - 314411 - Wide Band Directional Antenna
1 - 311135 - Dual Band Panel Antenna
1 - 859902 - Lightning Surge Protector
1 - 952302 - 2ft Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable
1 - 952360 - 60ft Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable
1 - 952375 - 75ft Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable
1 - 859900 - 120v AC Power Supply



Model Number 462127
Frequency Band 12/17 700 MHz
Band 13 700 MHz
Band 5 850 MHz
Band 4 1700/2100 MHz
Band 2 1900 MHz
Max Gain 70 dB
Power Req AC/DC 12 V / 3 A
Connectors N-Female
Dimensions 8.875 x 6.0 x 1.5 in /
22.5 x 15.2 x 3.8 cm
Weight 2.81 lbs / 1.27 kg

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