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What kind of speeds does Exede offer?

We have several Exede services available, depending on where you live.


12 Mbps downstream / 3 Mbps upstream service in the areas covered by our ViaSat-1 satellite.


5 Mbps downstream / 1 Mbps upstream service where our 12 Mbps service isn’t offered.


In some areas, we also offer a 25 Mbps download speed option called Boost 25.

I have no idea how much data I need. How do I choose an Exede plan?

We can help. We built a tool to help you select the plan that’s right for your needs.

What’s a data allowance?

Good question! For more information, read our FAQ about data allowances.

Will my Exede service work with a wireless router?

Yes! You can use your own, or get the new Exede WiFi Modem with built-in Wi-Fi when you order Exede.

If you don’t have the Exede WiFi Modem or would prefer to use a different router, any modern router will work with Exede. A wireless router will allow you to create a home network with your Exede service. This will let you share the service wirelessly with your computer and other devices, such as tablets and smart phones.

Already a customer? You can upgrade your older Exede modem to an Exede WiFi Modem for just $5 more per month.

Can I use VoIP (internet phone) on the Exede service?

Yes. In fact, we offer Exede Voice, which is optimized specifically for our network and includes unlimited local and long-distance calling in the U.S. and Canada.

Other VoIP services usually work fine with Exede, but you’ll likely see better results with Exede Voice. Plus, with Exede Voice, calls don’t count toward your data allowance as they would with other VoIP services.

What’s the installation process like?

A certified professional technician installs equipment and activates the Exede Internet service at your chosen location. The satellite mini-dish is about 30 inches wide x 28 inches high and can be easily mounted on a roof, outside wall or in the ground. A cable from the dish connects to the modem which connects to your computer via a short cable. Installations typically take 2-3 hours.

Can I install my own dish?

No. Installation requires a trained technician to make sure that the dish is pointed at the satellite accurately and to verify that all connections are properly made.

Will my Homeowners Association allow the Exede dish?

The Exede dish is governed by the FCC Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule. This means it has the same classification as other residential dishes —such as satellite television dishes — and can be mounted on your home. However, you should still check with your landlord or HOA for specific rules and covenants that may prevent or limit dish installations.

What is ViaSat?

ViaSat is the company that brings you Exede internet, as well as in-flight Wi-Fi on airplanes, including Jet Blue and United. The company was founded in California in 1986, and its three founders are still involved with the business. Today, ViaSat has over 3,000 employees and is dedicated to bringing the best internet service to consumers in all corners of the U.S.

Does ViaSat offer a warranty on equipment?

ViaSat will replace defective equipment within the first 90 days of service.

For an extra level of support for your Exede or WildBlue service, ViaSat offers EasyCare for just $5.99 per month. EasyCare covers all required service calls, annual dish relocation, among other services. Sign up for EasyCare when you order Exede, or anytime at My Exede.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Yes. If you disconnect your service before the end of your 24-month minimum service term, you may be charged an early termination fee (ETF) of $15 for every month remaining on the contract.

For example, if you were to cancel service after 10 months of your 24-month contract: 14 months remaining on the contract x $15 = an ETF of $210.

Does ViaSat offer a service for mobile vehicles?

We currently do not offer a broadband service for RVs, boats, service vehicles, etc. Exede Internet service requires a stationary, fixed installation at your home.

What about latency?

The reason older versions of satellite Internet service were slow had more to do with the technology available at the time than latency. Exede incorporates groundbreaking web acceleration technology, which dramatically speeds up page-load times, minimizing the effect of latency. So in addition to the much higher speeds enabled by our high capacity satellite, you will experience a much faster, more responsive web browsing experience.

Although our latency is greater than on cable and DSL networks, it’s not enough to make a big difference in most uses of the Internet. (Exceptions can be certain games and VPN services — see below.)

Can I use a VPN (virtual private network) on the Exede service?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) — often used to connect at-home workers to corporate networks — may be very slow with Exede Internet. Some VPNs may not work at all. Other “SSL”-based VPNs may work just fine. A great way to find out is to take your VPN-equipped laptop to a local dealer and test it out.

Can I play video games on Exede?

The performance of some games is very poor, while some may not work at all. Others may be OK.

As a general rule, fast-paced online multiplayer action games tend not to work well with Exede, while asynchronous multiplayer or single-player games with fewer online elements may work better. Your physical location, gaming platform, and many other factors can impact games’ performance.

Gamers should also bear in mind that software updates and downloadable content do count toward your data allowance, and can add up quickly.





HughesNet® is the high-speed Internet solution that’s available to everyone in the contiguous United States with a clear view of the southern sky. HughesNet uses satellite technology, not your phone line, to give you a super-fast, always-on Internet connection. HughesNet gets you online instantly, lets you surf and open pages faster, and allows you to download files in a fraction of the time it takes on a dial-up modem.

No. There is no phone line or dial-up data modem required to use your HughesNet service.

Hughes is the leader in satellite Internet services and networks, with over 1.5 million systems installed in more than 100 countries. For over 40 years, Hughes has been developing and implementing satellite technology. As the pioneer in the satellite industry, Hughes is able to offer unparalleled satellite Internet services. Hughes offers satellite service globally under the HughesNet brand.

HughesNet is a satellite Internet service which provides Internet access to customers no matter where they live in the contiguous United States. Dedicated to the individual consumer and their satellite Internet service needs, Hughes provides high-speed Internet to both rural and urban customers, offering high-speed satellite Internet access. This satellite Internet service is particularly revolutionary to rural customers who have had limited or no access to high-speed Internet in the past.

Whether you are an individual looking to access the Internet at home or a major multi-national company needing to provide Internet access to hundreds of employees, there is a HughesNet service plan that can deliver satellite Internet directly to you.

Satellite Internet Service Provider

Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes operates sales and support offices worldwide, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), a premier global provider of satellite operations and digital TV solutions.

Hughes operates several Network Operations Centers (NOCs) that are equipped to monitor customer networks at all times. These are the same centers that receive information from your home computers and transmit that data to Hughes satellites.

All of Hughes’ Network Operations Centers are staffed by qualified engineers to provide professional and reliable customer support. Any disruptions to your satellite Internet access are handled by our Customer Care and Technical Support staff through our Customer Care Website.

Learn more about HughesNet Business Solutions and Hughes Worldwide or sign up today for high-speed satellite Internet service for your home.

Commitment to Quality

At Hughes, quality is our first concern. We make it our mission to:

  • Set the standard for excellence in our industry.
  • Earn the respect of our customers and suppliers throughout the world.
  • Satisfy customers by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • Deliver error-free, competitive products on time and services second to none.
  • Ensure that every job is done right the first time, every time.

A recently published Pew Internet & American Life Project memo states that “70% of Americans have broadband connections at home. The survey was completed in September 2013... In June 2000, when about half of adults were online, only 3% of American households had broadband access.”

With HughesNet you can have high-speed satellite Internet access in your home regardless of where you live and without tying up your phone lines. Order HughesNet and a certified HughesNet installer will visit your home to install a satellite dish and modem. This will give you satellite Internet access from your home computer.

For the home user, there are various high-speed Internet options with HughesNet. All of the satellite Internet plans come with an always-on connection, super-fast downloads, 24/7 technical support, a minimum of five email accounts, and email spam and virus filtering.

Determine what plan you need at home based on your Internet needs. If you like to download videos and often visit Websites that contain many graphics, then our fastest plan may be the best option for you with its high-speed Internet download speed of up to 15 Mbps. On the other hand, if you use the Internet mainly for checking and sending email, then our most basic plans may meet your needs with a download speed of 5 Mbps. For more details on satellite Internet pricing and plan descriptions, visit the Plans & Pricing page. Once you’ve decided what meets your high-speed Internet connection needs, get started with HughesNet by signing up today.

Satellite Internet Connection Technology

In order to have a satellite Internet connection in your home, you will need to have a satellite dish (antenna) attached to the roof of your home and a satellite modem connected to your home computer.

The satellite dish and modem technology is provided to you by Hughes and is installed by a certified HughesNet installer at a time that is convenient for you. Inside your home, the installer needs to connect the satellite modem to your personal computer. The connection enables you to have that fast satellite Internet speed that won’t tie up your phone lines.

To learn more about satellite Internet speed or sign up for a satellite Internet connection, visit the Plans and Pricing page to place your satellite Internet order.

Hughes is able to offer high-speed Internet service via satellite for homes all over the country, including those in rural areas. This is thanks to satellite technology that is much like the satellite systems used for televisions.

Learn more about Internet via satellite.

Some people may be hesitant to subscribe to satellite Internet because of myths they've heard – or because they are unaware of the convenience and quality offered by high-speed satellite Internet providers.

Myth #1 – Satellite Internet service providers don't cater to rural residents.

Hughes offers satellite Internet everywhere in the contiguous United States, including rural areas. Hughes is a reliable satellite broadband provider that supplies high-speed Internet service in areas where cable and DSL are not always available.

Myth #2 – The satellite dish must be attached to a roof.

Although 97% of the time satellite antennas are attached to the roof of a home or business establishment, satellite Internet service providers don't always require it. A certified HughesNet installer is able to determine the best location on (or near) your place of business where the satellite dish should be mounted.

Myth #3 – Using Satellite Internet ties up your phone line.

HughesNet delivers two-way, high-speed Internet access over satellite – not over your telephone line – so you can talk on the phone and surf the Web at the same time. That can save you money by eliminating the need for a second phone line.

Myth #4 – Satellite Internet equipment is big and complicated.

The bulky eight-foot wide satellite dishes from the 1980s are a thing of the past, at least when it comes to the needs of most businesses. Business customers of HughesNet only need a computer, a modem, two coaxial cables, and the satellite antenna. The antenna is about the same size as most ordinary satellite TV dishes.

Myth #5 – When it is cloudy, satellite Internet doesn't work.

Your satellite Internet connection is not affected by most clouds. Satellite Internet from HughesNet is only affected by weather in extreme circumstances such as heavy storms or unusually dense clouds. If you have difficulties with your service, contact HughesNet Customer Care and Technical Support staff.

One of the greatest benefits of being a satellite high-speed Internet customer through HughesNet is that the Internet is always on.

In addition to round-the-clock high-speed Internet availability, HughesNet customers receive other benefits as well. By signing up for a satellite high-speed Internet plan, customers receive:

  • Five or more email accounts each with up to 2 GBs of storage space.
  • Spam and virus protection.
  • Blog creation tools.
  • A customizable Web portal where you can access news, information, and all your favorite Websites in one place.
  • Online account management.
  • 24/7 Technical and Customer Care support.

Benefits of Choosing HughesNet as Your High-Speed Satellite Internet Service

The HughesNet Website provides a convenient set of tools for customers to use. After signing up for satellite high-speed Internet, it’s easy to create an online account. With an account, you can change your billing information, manage email accounts, upgrade your service, and more.

In addition to these account management tools, the Hughes Website provides a comprehensive list of troubleshooting articles, frequently asked questions, and other high-speed satellite Internet service help. If there ever comes a time you need to speak with Hughes about your service, the HughesNet user-friendly customer portal allows you to contact the HughesNet Customer Care and Technical Support staff 24/7. There are three easy ways to contact us:

  • Via live chat and with a support representative.
  • Email HughesNet and receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Call us at 1-866-278-3996.

Whichever method of contact you choose, a Hughes team member is always available – just like our high-speed satellite Internet service.

Because of advancements in technology, Hughes is able to offer high-speed Internet via satellite to almost anyone in the United States. As a satellite ISP, Hughes is dedicated to supplying reliable satellite Internet connections for customers. Since many Hughes customers live in rural areas where cable and DSL are not available, HughesNet is one of the only high-speed Internet options available. Hughes takes pride in offering reliable high-speed Internet to those who wouldn't normally have this option.

Definition of terms for high-speed & satellite Internet

As a satellite ISP, Hughes strives to offer a reliable high-speed Internet option with a customer-friendly and easy-to-use service. This list of glossary terms is meant to familiarize you with satellite Internet and answer questions you may have.

56K line – Most dial-up Internet connections use a telephone line that allows transfer of data at 56,000 bits per second. 56K line refers to this type of Internet connection.

Bandwidth – This term describes the amount of data that can be sent through a particular Internet connection or network. High-bandwidth Internet connections (faster than 768 kilobits per second) are often called “high-speed Internet.”

Bit – A single binary value; a bit is the smallest piece of computer data. Many bits are needed to transmit even the simplest file.

Broadband – Broadband refers to an Internet connection with download speed in excess of 768 kilobits per second.

Dial-up – This term refers to an Internet connection through a home telephone line.

DSL (digital subscriber line) – Allows user to access the Internet by way of existing telephone lines.

Ethernet – A commonly used local area network (LAN) that connects computers to one another and/or connects a computer to the Internet.

Firewall – Software that protects your computer network from outside users.

High-speed Internet option – An ISP (that is, satellite, cable, or DSL) offers an Internet service option that provides enough bandwidth for high-speed Internet use.

IP (Internet protocol) – Programming language that serves as the backbone of the Internet. “IP” is short for “IP address.”

IP Address – Every computer has its own IP number, which acts as the computer’s identification. IP addresses are unique for each computer connected to the Internet. They are much like a physical address.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) – Each ISP offers service options to customers that range in bandwidth, type of connection, and other options such as email, storage space, and virus protection.

Kilobit – 1024 bits of data. Internet speeds are often measured in kilobits per second (kbps).

Megabit – One million bits

Modem – A modem connects your computer to a phone line, cable, or satellite. The modem acts as an interpreter between the two devices so that digital messages can be sent from your computer to another computer or to a satellite dish.

Satellite dish – An antenna affixed to a structure that sends and receives data. Home satellite users typically receive Internet access or television via satellite.

Satellite Internet – Using a modem, coaxial cables, and a satellite dish, computer users are able to access high-speed Internet.

Satellite ISP – An Internet Service Provider that offers a satellite Internet connection to homes or businesses. A satellite ISP is particularly beneficial for rural residents.

Hughes is a quality satellite ISP (Internet Service Provider). Hughes offers many affordable satellite Internet plans to the home user – both rural and urban residents.

Home satellite Internet rates using HughesNet service range in price and speed, but one thing remains consistent for all home satellite Internet plans (regardless of the rates) – they’re all faster than dial-up service.

For more information on HughesNet home satellite Internet rates, contact Hughes today at 1-866-278-3996.

HughesNet customers only need an antenna and a modem to access the Internet via satellite. Satellite Internet connections are easy with HughesNet.

It doesn’t matter if your home computer is a laptop or a desktop or whether you operate on a Windows or Macintosh system. Satellite Internet connections are available to HughesNet home users no matter where you live in the contiguous United States. The only piece of equipment you need to provide is your own computer.

You can choose to buy or lease your equipment when you sign up for Internet access via satellite. The equipment is necessary because it interprets messages from your computer to the satellite.

A certified HughesNet installer will bring the equipment to your home and install the device with a power supply near your computer.

As a standard part of HughesNet installation, Hughes will install two 100-foot coaxial cables to allow your home Internet service to be connected. These cables are used to connect the computer to the modem and to the satellite dish.

The satellite dish, also called an antenna, will be installed on the roof of your home or on your property using mounting brackets. A radio will also be installed near the satellite dish.

Internet Access Via Satellite

Hughes provides reliable Internet access via satellite to customers all across the U.S. Learn more about how satellite Internet works or call us with any questions at 1-866-278-3996.

Hughes is pleased to offer service in all states in the contiguous U.S. HughesNet works very well as a high-speed satellite alternative in states with a high percentage of rural households. Many states are largely rural with very little high-speed Internet connectivity outside of urban areas. Other states have a higher percentage of households with cable or DSL but still lack high-speed Internet connectivity in certain underserved areas.

For information on HughesNet in Alaska, call Alaska Satellite at 1-888-396-5623

What is the Fair Access Policy?

To ensure fair Internet access for all HughesNet Gen4 subscribers, Hughes maintains a special Fair Access Policy for these subscribers. This policy establishes an equitable balance in Internet access for all HughesNet subscribers. Hughes assigns a Data Allowance to each service plan that limits the amount of data that may be downloaded or uploaded within a one-month period. Subscribers who exceed this limit will experience a temporary reduction of speed.





 What is DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is the nation's No. 1 digital satellite entertainment service provider. Using the most advanced satellite technology, we deliver access to more than 250 channels of programming to homes and businesses.

The DIRECTV equipment consists of a satellite dish, a digital set-top receiver and a remote control. Our service offers an incredible selection of entertainment choices — all in digital-quality picture and sound.

What is the DIRECTV® System?

The DIRECTV System refers to the equipment that customers need to receive DIRECTV programming from our orbiting satellites. Every DIRECTV System includes three components: a satellite dish, a digital set-top receiver and a remote control. Every DIRECTV Receiver enables access to more than 250 digital-quality channels. Our customizable on-screen program guide includes parental controls. For more details on the equipment, check out our system manuals.

What is the DIRECTV Plus® DVR?

The DIRECTV Plus DVR (Digital Video Recorder) enables users to digitally record up to 100 hours* of television programming, record two shows at once**, pause and rewind live TV and much more.

*Actual recording time varies depending on the type of programming being recorded.
**For full functionality, the receiver requires connection of two satellite inputs from a dual-LNB DIRECTV System dish antenna and continuous connection to land-based phone line.

What is the DIRECTV HD DVR?

The DIRECTV HD DVR combines the crystal clear picture of high-definition television with the digital recording power of a DIRECTV Plus® DVR.

What is DIRECTV Latin America?

DIRECTV Latin America, LLC, is a multinational company owned by DIRECTV Latin America Holdings, a subsidiary of The DIRECTV Group, Inc. and Darlene Investments, LLC, an affiliate of the Cisneros Group of Companies.

Subscribers to DIRECTV Latin America receive the widest array of entertainment options, all with sharp digital images and CD-quality sound. The programming is a mix from the best international entertainment providers in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia. DIRECTV was the first to introduce an interactive programming guide and Pay Per View services to Latin America.


How does DIRECTV compare to cable?

DIRECTV is the nation's largest provider of satellite-delivered television programming, with more than 18 million subscribers. Why have so many people chosen DIRECTV for their television service instead of cable?

First, with DIRECTV you get more choice and quality for your entertainment dollar than you do with cable. Our CHOICE package gives you more than 140 digital channels for only $55.99 per month. For the same price with cable, you'll typically get 60-90 analog channels.

Second, with DIRECTV, all customers with accounts in good standing can order Pay Per View and automatically receive up to 50 XM Satellite Radio channels in their CHOICE base package. Cable customers with analog service may not have these options.

DIRECTV is famous for offering America's favorite networks and an unrivaled lineup of sports programming, all delivered with the most advanced technology available. We have DVR and HD services, exciting new on-demand offerings, interactive program enhancements, and exclusive programming you can't get if you have cable, like CD USA and the popular NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ (by subscription).

Perhaps most important, DIRECTV has had higher customer satisfaction ratings than cable nine years running. (Among the largest national cable & satellite TV providers. 2009 American Customer Satisfaction Index, University of Michigan Business School.)


What will I get with standard professional installation?

You'll receive a professional installation from a highly trained installer, who will properly mount, align and peak your dish on your roof, balcony or other location within 100 feet of your TV. The installer will only use DIRECTV-approved materials, including RG 6 cable, switches and connectors, and will connect your receiver(s) to your TV and DVR, VCR or DVD player. The installer will also connect your receiver(s) to a phone line in your home and will ground your system to meet local/NEC requirements.

You'll also be shown how easy it is to use your system and the DIRECTV® service.Then you'll be ready to start watching!

How long will it take to get my equipment?

Your installer will deliver your equipment on the scheduled installation date. Installation dates are generally available within 24 and 72 hours of when the order is placed.

Where do you install the satellite dish?

To receive DIRECTV® programming, your home needs a clear view of the southern sky, unblocked by trees or buildings. Most dishes are installed on a roof or balcony, but other arrangements can be made to accommodate your structure and preferences.

What equipment do I need to digitally record?

  1. Set-top receiver — You need the DIRECTV Plus DVR, also known as the "R15." Some customers have a TiVo®-based DIRECTV DVR or DIRECTV HD DVR set-top receiver, and they digitally record, too.
  2. Dish — A mini satellite dish, installed by DIRECTV. The dish for the HD DVR is slightly larger because it can also receive high-definition programming from a separate satellite.
  3. Remote control — We include a universal remote with all of our receivers.
  4. Phone line — Land-based phone line connected to the receiver.

Can I use just one dish for the whole house?

Most DIRECTV customers need just one dish, no matter how many rooms have DIRECTV service.

How large is the dish?

There are six different DIRECTV dishes, which range in size from 18" round to 36" x 22" oval.

Can I use my existing wiring for DIRECTV?

If the cable in your house is RG 6 coaxial cable, it can connect your DIRECTV Receiver directly to your satellite dish or multi-switch. It is important that your home have RG 6 cable because of the frequency of the digital signals it must carry. If your existing cable has splitters, then it should not be used.

Can I watch different channels in different rooms?

Yes. Each TV can have its own programming, and each can run independently. The added cost is only $4.99 a month for the second and each additional television.

Can I watch one Pay Per View event program on more than one TV?

Yes, you can watch one Pay Per View event program on multiple TVs on the same account if you order online at or if you order by telephone at 1-800-531-5000 (phone order fees apply).

Can I get DIRECTV® programming on more than one television set in my house?

Using separate DIRECTV Receivers for each of the TVs in your home gives you the flexibility of watching different programs on different television sets. There is a $4.99/month additional fee for your secondary and each additional receiver.


How much will DIRECTV cost me each month?

It's more affordable than you might think. Our CHOICE programming package, which includes more than 150 channels, is just $52.99 per month. If your state charges a sales tax, we'll add that to your bill. That's it. Of course, you can select from many other great packages as well. There is a $4.99/mo. lease fee for second and each additional receiver.

Will I need to pay for expensive equipment?

No, you can get FREE standard installation of the equipment you need for a standard DIRECTV System in up to four rooms of your home. Purchase of 18 consecutive months (24 months for advanced receivers) of any DIRECTV base programming package ($29.99/mo. or above) or qualifying international services bundle required. New customers only (lease required). Lease fee $4.99/mo. for 2nd and each additional receiver.

How much does the DIRECTV Plus DVR cost?

The monthly fee for the DVR service is just $6.00 and covers every DIRECTV Plus DVR in your home.

The monthly DVR fee is included in PLUS DVR and PLUS HD DVR packages.

How much does high-definition programming from DIRECTV cost?

For just $9.99 per month, you will get access to a wide range of DIRECTV HD programming. You will be able to watch all the available HD channels associated with your base package (e.g. ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, TNT HD) including RSNs, as well as incremental HD Channels like Universal HD, Discovery HD Theater™, HD NET*. In addition, HD Locals are included at no extra charge.

*Channels mentioned are only available to customers with CHOICE and above with locals.

How do I pay my bill?

We make paying your DIRECTV® bill as easy and painless as possible with convenient options.



You can manage your account, update your profile and pay your bill online. You'll also find links to get the latest DIRECTV® equipment, special offers, programming and additional services. Register or Sign In to take advantage of online account management.


Credit/Debit Card
DIRECTV accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Novus/Discover. You can choose to make a one–time–only payment or set up Auto-Bill-Pay recurring payments.


Recurring Checking Account Payments
Pay your bill from your checking account every month. This service is free, and will save you time, hassles and late fees. It's easy to enroll.


Home Banking
Check with your banking institution or bill payment service for more information.


Paying your DIRECTV bill is easy with PreCash. Go to a participating retailer with your PreCash card, your cash payment and the $3 processing fee. The retailer will process your payment and the payment will post to your account within four hours. If you don't already have a card, you can get one from the retailer. Just don't forget to take your DIRECTV account number with you to activate the card. To find a participating retailer near you, call 1-866-520-4874.


Western Union
Pay with cash at Western Union using your account number. Use "DIRECTVUT" for the city code. Western Union wires payment directly to DIRECTV, but charges a processing fee.


Pay with cash at any MoneyGram office using your account number, "DIRECTV" as the company name, and "1602" for the city code. MoneyGram wires your payment directly to DIRECTV, but charges a processing fee.


Last-Minute Payments
Here are some ways to make payments quickly:

  • Register at to pay online with a credit/debit card or from your checking. Online payments post within an hour.
  • Payments through our automated phone system at 1-800-531-5000 post immediately.
  • Credit/debit card or check–by–phone payments made with a representative post immediately, but carry a $5.00 phone assistance fee.
  • Cash payments made through Western Union Quick Collect, MoneyGram ExpressPayment, PreCash Cards or In Person Payments (IPP) will post quickly, but may carry a processing fee.

Why lease the DIRECTV equipment?

As the technology in our receivers becomes more advanced, leasing allows us to continue to provide the latest equipment to you — at minimal cost. Leasing also permits affordable upgrades and free replacement receivers.

Is the monthly lease fee different for different equipment?

The monthly lease fee is $4.99 per receiver, though we waive this fee on your first receiver. This low monthly fee is the same for standard receivers, DVRs, HD receivers and HD DVRs.

I own my equipment, but want to lease another receiver. How do I do that?

We have an easy way to acquire additional leased receivers online. After activation of the additional receiver, your bill will be updated to reflect the appropriate fees.


Can I get DIRECTV® programming on more than one television set in my house?

Using separate DIRECTV Receivers for each of the TVs in your home gives you the flexibility of watching different programs on different television sets. There is a $4.99/month additional fee for your secondary and each additional receiver.

If I have more than one receiver, do I have to pay a full monthly subscription for each receiver?

No. DIRECTV allows you to connect more than one television in a single household to our services. The programming you request for the primary access card in your receiver is copied for all of the access cards in the other receivers and you are authorized to receive this same level of programming on these televisions.

When you receive programming on additional receivers, we verify that all of your receivers are continuously connected to the same land-based phone line. If we find that one of the receivers is not connected to the phone line, we will discontinue service to that receiver and you will need to call us to re-establish that service.

Does DIRECTV offer programming in additional languages?

Yes! DIRECTV is proud to offer unique multicultural programming with its Caribbean, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Korean, Russian, South Asian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese packages.

Does DIRECTV offer a Spanish-language programming service?

Yes, DIRECTV offers the most comprehensive Spanish- and English-language programming at an affordable price. It features access to more than 55 Spanish-language channels*, including sports, movies, news, music and educational networks.

The actual number of channels varies by package. Visit our channels page for a complete list of channels available in each package.

*Includes English-language broadcast channels with alternate Spanish audio.

Can I get DIRECTV® programming for my RV or boat?

Yes. Most DIRECTV programming is available for RVs and boats.

To be eligible for some programming services, such as seasonal sports subscriptions, Pay Per View ordering with your remote control, certain features of advanced receivers and secondary subscriptions on additional receivers, we require that your DIRECTV System be continuously connected to a land-based phone line. Therefore, some mobile customers are not eligible for these benefits.

To install the DIRECTV System on your RV, truck or boat, you can either get a self-installation kit or hire a professional installer. Contact your local satellite TV retailer or RV or boat dealer for more information about professional installation.

What programming does DIRECTV offer?

DIRECTV offers access to more than 250 channels of entertainment. Customers have access to popular networks such as the Disney Channel, CNN, ESPN and TNT, as well as up to 55 Pay Per View choices a day, including major Hollywood films and special events. Hit movies start as often as every 30 minutes and they cost only $4.99 each when ordered online or by remote.*

We also offer an unequalled professional and collegiate sports subscription lineup, including NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NHL® CENTER ICE®, MLB EXTRA INNINGSSM, MLS DIRECT KICK™, ESPN GamePlan and ESPN FULL COURT.

Our SPORTS Pack premium service and PREMIER package deliver sports action from across the nation.

Adult channels such as PLAYBOY TV are available on an a la carte basis. PLAYBOY TV is also available as a monthly subscription.

*There is an additional $1.50 charge when Pay Per View events and movies are ordered by phone utilizing the automated ordering system, or an additional $5 charge for operator-assisted orders. Pay Per View event purchase price is nonrefundable.

How many channels do I get with DIRECTV?

With DIRECTV, you have access to more than 250 digital-quality channels, including your local network affiliates where available. Select from more than 30 premium movie channels and up to 55 Pay Per View movie and event choices each day. Your package selection may include up to 67 XM Satellite Radio channels.

DIRECTV also offers a wide variety of high-definition television programming, including major HD networks, local networks' HD programming where available*, special HD event broadcasts and HD Pay Per View movies.**

*In cities where local off-air, HD programs are available, reception may vary based on geographic location. Programs not delivered in HD in all markets.
**To access DIRECTV HD programming, a three- or five-LNB dish, a DIRECTV HD Receiver and HD television equipment are required.

With so many channels, how will I sort through them all?

The DIRECTV receiving equipment not only brings you lots of channels, it helps you manage your options. Your on-screen program guidehelps you quickly find what you're looking for. And you can set up favorite channels lists to make surfing even easier.

Also, our channel neighborhoods make it easy to find the type of programming that interests you:

Programming Channels
Pay Per View Movies and Events 100-199
Entertainment & Arts 200-340
News and Information 350-399
DIRECTV PARA TODOS Channels 400-425
Premium Movies 500-550
Adult 594-599
Premium Sports 600-799
Music 800-851

How can I find out what programming is coming up?

There are three easy ways:

  1. Check out the online program guide, which is customizable when you register online.
  2. The on-screen guide lists programs at least 36 hours ahead of time.
  3. ON DIRECTV™ magazine is DIRECTV'S official program guide. Published monthly exclusively for DIRECTV customers, it offers more than 200 pages filled with in-depth listings for movies, sports and family programs, reviews and feature stories about programming choices available using the DIRECTV System. You can order ON DIRECTV online or by tuning to channel 218. New subscribers pay only $2.99 per month for the first 12 months.

Can I change my DIRECTV programming once I have service?

Yes. When you register at, you can change your programming online. You can also call us at 1-800-531-5000 to make changes. DIRECTV premium programming services are generally offered on a monthly basis. If you downgrade your premium programming options within 30 days of adding a new service to your account, you may be subject to a $10 fee.

Does DIRECTV offer channels on an a la carte basis?

You may add individual premium services to your CHOICE or PLUS DVR base package. We offer these premium options: HBO®, Starz®Super Pack, SHOWTIME UNLIMITED®, Cinemax® and our SPORTS PACK. Adult channels are also available on an a la carte basis.

The PREMIER base package includes all premium services available on DIRECTV so you don't have to worry about missing any of your favorite programs.

Why doesn't DIRECTV present every channel I want to see?

Programming offerings are driven by customer preference. They are designed to balance the interests of adults, children and the whole family. We regularly poll customers to determine their interests and make changes accordingly.

What channels will DIRECTV offer in the future?

It is a DIRECTV policy not to disclose information about any pending or potential programming offers. However, we do speak with a wide array of television providers and constantly evaluate services based on the level of customer interest. Customer feedback is very important to us and, in the past, this feedback has led to the addition of new programs and channels.

Can I control what my kids watch?

The Parental Controls feature, which is built into the equipment, lets you restrict access to movies based on the motion picture rating system. You can also add Pay Per View spending limits and block the viewing of entire channels. This is a great feature for parents who wish to control what their children watch. Consult your system manual for more details.

Does DIRECTV offer local channels?

Yes, DIRECTV offers local channels in most major U.S. cities and their surrounding areas, always in digital quality. Eligible customers can order packages that include local channels. Please visit our local channels page to find out if any are available where you live.

Can I get local channels for my boat?

Most boat customers are not eligible for some programming services, including local channels, seasonal sports subscriptions and Pay Per View ordering by remote control. However, if your boat will be docked in the same location for an extended period of time, you may be eligible for local channels and other services. To find out, contact DIRECTV at 1-888-777-2454 (6 a.m. to 3 a.m. ET daily).

Can I get local channels for my RV?

RVs are not eligible to receive local channels, but may be eligible for Distant Network Services (DNS), which offers programming from the ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC networks out of New York or Los Angeles. One PBS station may also be available, depending on your location.

Are specialty sports channels offered?

Sports fans can enjoy exclusive seasonal sports packages, including the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ subscription and a SPORTS Pack with over 25 specialty and regional sports networks, such as FSN and Fuel TV. With specialized sports packages, you can follow the action of your favorite teams across the country. (Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately.)

Is DIRECTV sports programming affected by blackouts?

As a provider of the most comprehensive sports programming lineup in the digital home entertainment industry, DIRECTV must pay close attention to sports blackouts and restrictions. As these restrictions are sometimes complicated, we suggest that you refer blackout information specific to each sports subscription.

Does DIRECTV offer digital music channels?

Yes! With XM Satellite Radio we offer up to 72 different audio-only channels, featuring America's Largest Playlist of music, news, sports and entertainment. Visit our XM Satellite Radio page for more information about this service.

How quickly are you adding local channels service to new areas?

Today we offer local channels in more than 140 metropolitan TV markets — that's about 94 percent of the country. We are currently working on launching digital (HD) channels in many of these markets and preparing new satellites that will allow us to launch additional markets next year.

Can I receive local channels from another part of the country?

Under federal law, we can provide local channels only within a local television market. For example, we can provide San Francisco stations only in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Federal law requires us to respect the local TV markets boundaries, which are established by Nielsen Media Research. Distant broadcast network feeds from New York and Los Angeles are available only to customers who cannot receive an over-the-air signal from a local TV station and to customers who get waivers from their local TV stations.

Are movies available on DIRECTV Cinema before or after they come out on home video?

DIRECTV Cinema movies are usually available after the home video release but look for the "Same Day as DVD" logo for titles that are available on the SAME DAY and DATE as home video.

Can I watch different channels in different rooms?

Yes. Each TV can have its own programming, and each can run independently. The added cost is only $4.99 a month for the second and each additional television.

Can I watch one Pay Per View event program on more than one TV?

Yes, you can watch one Pay Per View event program on multiple TVs on the same account if you order online at or if you order by telephone at 1-800-531-5000 (phone order fees apply).

I saw something I consider offensive on your service. How do I report that?

We always welcome your feedback. We provide a wide variety of content and we understand that not everyone will like each program. As a satellite service, DIRECTV does not control most of the content shown. The best way to voice your concern is directly to the programming provider. For your convenience, we've put together contact information for most providers.

Can I find out on what's playing on TV?

Yes, we have an easy-to-use TV schedule online. You can see what's playing on both the national and local channels up to 12 days in advance.

My online program guide is showing times for the East Coast. How can I change it to my time zone?

Just go the online program guide and use the arrow keys to change the time zone.


What happens if/when my equipment becomes outdated?

You can either continue to use the equipment or return it and upgrade.

What if I want to upgrade my equipment?

It's easy! Check out our Upgrade Your System page for details.

Can I get an extended warranty for my equipment and installation?

For a low monthly fee, the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN covers your entire DIRECTV System.

I'd like to sell DIRECTV equipment from my retail store. Where can I find more information?

We're always excited to add new retailers. Get an application and more information on our dealer website.

How do I get a DIRECTV Plus DVR?

You can lease a DIRECTV Plus DVR online, by phone at 1-800-DIRECTV or at many brick-and-mortar electronics stores. Use our dealer locator to find a store near you.

Can I get surround sound while using DIRECTV?

Some DIRECTV Receivers are Dolby Digital capable; others are not. See your system manual to find out about yours. Also, your non-DIRECTV equipment must be surround sound-compatible. If you want to upgrade your home theater system for surround sound, see the Dolby website.

What is the purpose of connecting my receiver to my telephone line?

With this phone connection, DIRECTV customers are authorized to order Pay Per View movies and events with their remote control and get popular sports subscriptions such as NFL SUNDAY TICKET™. You cannot connect a cellular phone to your receiver; it must be a land-based phone line.

Customers who don't have a continuous telephone connection are not authorized to receive certain sports programming and must call us to order Pay Per View. To cover the cost of handling phone requests, there is an additional $1.50 charge when Pay Per View events and movies are ordered by phone using the automated ordering system or an additional $5 charge for an operator-assisted order.

If I move, can I take the receiving equipment with me?

Of course! Call us at 1-866-WAY-U-MOVE (1-866-929-8668) before you move so you can take advantage of the DIRECTV MOVERS CONNECTION™, a free program for our customers who change residences and want to keep their DIRECTV service. All you have to do is bring your receiving equipment to your new residence and leave the dish behind at your old residence.

If you're moving to Alaska or Hawaii, you may need new receiving equipment. If you're moving outside the United States, unfortunately we won't be able to serve you — we are legally prohibited from offering services outside the United States. However, if you're moving to Latin America, check out DIRECTV Latin America.

Sports blackouts and your ability to receive local channels or broadcast network services may be affected by your new address.


What do I do with my equipment if I disconnect service?

We'll send you a box recovery kit. The kit will include FedEx boxes, shipping labels and return instructions. It'll arrive within a few days of the disconnect. You need only return receivers, access cards and remote controls. (Do not return the dish, splitters, cables, wire, phone jacks or other items.)


What channels are included in each Spanish-language programming package?

Please consult our package comparison chart. You can also download and print a Spanish-language channel lineup for easy reference.

Can I set up my system to default to Spanish audio?

You can set up the language settings on your receiver to default to Spanish so that Spanish audio is automatically heard when available as alternate audio on individual programming. Because receiver interface may vary from model to model, please consult your system manualfor detailed instructions on how to set up your language settings.

Does DIRECTV offer a Spanish-language programming service?

Yes, DIRECTV offers the most comprehensive Spanish- and English-language programming at an affordable price. It features access to more than 55 Spanish-language channels*, including sports, movies, news, music and educational networks.

The actual number of channels varies by package. Visit our channels page for a complete list of channels available in each package.

*Includes English-language broadcast channels with alternate Spanish audio.

Do you have Spanish-speaking customer service agents available?

Yes. Customer service is available in English and Spanish, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 1-888-388-6622.


Does DIRECTV offer programming in additional languages?

Yes! DIRECTV is proud to offer unique multicultural programming with its Caribbean, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Korean, Russian, South Asian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese packages.

Are English-language DIRECTV broadcasts available in other languages?

Sometimes. If a program is available in an alternate language, you can use your remote control to select "Alternate Audio" from the on-screen menu.